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  • June - Another number one: for the Old Paths. "Long Live The King" is on top the Singing News this month. Stolen: The Old Paths trailer and it's contents from what should have been a secure storage locker. A technical error in their insurance left the loss uninsured. Friends and Fans are trying to raise financial support to replace the pilfered items on on Some items were recovered but most were damaged In passing: Bobby Clark, the original tenor for the Cathedral Quartet, graduated the the heavenly choir in late May. He was the last surviving member of the original quartet. Teaming up: The Talleys and the Tribute Quartet will tour together in 2015, also combining with some local church choirs for a unique program. Meanwhile, Lauren has received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in Worship Arts from Laurel University in High Point, NC. She also performed and gave the commencement address. Goodbye to: The Southern Gospel Journal. Daniel Mount started the Journal as the Southern Gospel Blog in 2006, just two years after finding and falling in love with SG music. It was a a great source of news and insightful commentary and will be missed.
  • July - Moving to the top: of the Singing News chart...Ernie Hasse & Signature Sound, with "That's Why." Pray for: Tim Riley. The veteran Gold City bass, suffered a slight stroke on July 26. Reports say there is no paralysis and that Tim is alert and able to communicate. Also for: Chonda Pierce. The popular Christian comedienne lost her husband David after he suffered a stroke and heart attack. Chonda is doing some deep grieving at this time. And yet another: Libby Perry Stuffle suffered a heart attack on July 26. Hospital tests revealed that a main artery was 99% blocked and some damage from the heart attack. adr's inserted a stint and added two units of blood upon discovering that Libb was severely enemic. Libbi is now home and has strict orders to rest through August. Passing: Jack Smith, long time steel guitarist for the Happy Goodmans. Victim of An auto accident. New bass voice: for the Mark Trammell Quartet. After three months and 36 auditions, The MTQ has selected Randy Byrd as their new bass singer.Randy previously Sang wit the Blackwood Brothers, The Lefevre Quartet and the Songfellows. Leaving: Justin Wells is leaving as tenor for the Lesters at the end of August. He'll be taking a church staff position in Chattanooga.
  • August - For All He's Done: by Greater Vision Is the new number one song on the Singing News chart. Protected: Wilburn & Wilburn, from a car fire in Virginia. A minor accident sparked a blaze that engulfed their rental car, although the father-son team managed to get all of their belongings out safely and even get a ride back to the airport for a new rental. Keep praying for your favorite singers.