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Gospel Harmonies began as a 10 minute feature in 1973 on a two-station network in Michigan. It soon expanded into a half hour nightly program on the expanding Family Life Radio network. In 1979, it became a 90 minute weekly program, before becoming a 54 minute show in order to syndicate to additional stations. The program became independent of Family Life Radio in January 2009, as the host, Alan Cook took his retirement after 40 years with the organization. Alan continues to produce the program from his home studio.

From the start, GH has utilized a particular radio technique called "theater-of-the-mind." At the start of each show, your host Alan invites you into the mansion through the front door. From there you travel to the Front Room for the first three selections. Your trip through the mansion normally includes the Concert Hall, Mailbox, Recreation Room (where the welcome wagon normally appears), Memory Lane, and the Back Porch. Listeners have shared how they can picture each room in detail, thanks to God's gift of imagination.