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Welcome, friends, to the webpages of the Southern Gospel Radio Program, Gospel Harmonies. For over three decades, Gospel Harmonies has spotlighted the very best in current releases, plus a trip down Memory Lane to hear the great classics from the past 60 years. GH continues on select radio stations around the country, plus several web sites. Gospel Harmonies Mansion is the fictional home for each weeks' celebration.

Your weekly trip through the mansion requires a bit of imagination, so just pretend you've entered through the front door. Now, you have your choice of rooms to visit, so please, choose as many as you like and stay as long as you please. You'll find our current playlist in the Concert Hall, the history of GH in Memory Lane, news and affiliate stations are on the Back Porch, and if you want to drop me a line or help support the ministry visit the Mailbox! If you contact me, please let me know where you live and on which station you hear Gospel Harmonies..